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What is this?

This is a Java-based conduit for the Yanoff news reader, version 1.4.4, 1.5 or later, for the Palm OS (Palm Pilot). It is easy to install under 32-bit Windows and syncs the databases of an existent Yanoff installation on your Palm Computing Device. It gets most of its information from the configuration databases of Yanoff so the conduit works without configuration. You may want to configure a .newsrc file, though.

The conduit connects to the specified NNTP servers during HotSync and installs new articles on your device. It also posts and mails articles you "save"d in Yanoff. You can specify newsrc files for every news server, so that articles you read on you PC news reader are not transferred to the handheld.

This package is BETA-GRADE: Almost all functionality is there, but there are some known problems and omissions (theoretically all documented in the TODO file).

See the COPYRIGHT and COPYING files in the archive for details on licensing terms and (the absence of) warranty.

A mailing list for Yanoff (and consequently for the conduit) is here.

  • Based on Java.
  • GPL software
  • Supports Yanoff 1.4.4 and up (1.5 included) 
  • Works with HotSync 3.0 under Windows 95, NT,2000
  • Gets articles from NNTP servers
  • Can send e-mail messages and news articles
  • Optional sync with newsrc files on desktop (articles transferred to handheld are marked read in newsrc)
  • Conduit options are set by right-clicking the HotSync icon in the task bar and selecting Custom/Yanoff
  • First, get and install Yanoff to your Palm. For this release of the conduit, you need Yanoff  release 1.4.2b, 1.4.4 or later.
  • Next, get and install Palm Source's Java Sync. Note: The JSync Installer will finish without any messages. Do not be alarmed about this.
  • Now get and install the Yanoff Java Conduit.
  • Restart HotSync Manager.
Building from source
  • First, get and install Yanoff to your Palm.
  • Get and install cygwin  
  • Get and install jdk-1.1 from Sun. 
  • Next, get and install Palm Computing's Conduit Development Kit - Java.
  • Now get and unpack the Yanoff Java Conduit sources.
  • Also get and unpack the Installer sources.
  • Edit the installer's Makefile and run "make" in the installer directory
  • In the conduit directory, run "make config" and edit the resulting config.h file
  • do "make".
  • If you're daring, type "make install" to install the conduit into the installation directory and insert the settings into the registry so that HotSync will execute the conduit.
  • Else, you need to run CondCfg.exe from the CDKJ. Add a conduit with creator ID "MJyf", class name "org.vanbest.yanoff.YanoffConduit" and class path the path you installed yancond, appended with "\class". In my setup, the classpath is "e:\src\yancond\class".
  • Restart HotSync Manager.
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